BuyingRIght App:

Interface Design and Usability Testing

As a spinoff project from my research on consumer value preferences, I had the idea for a web app that provides personalized product recommendations based on the user’s sorting of phrases pulled from relevant product reviews. Instead of having to first pick a specific product and then read it’s reviews (like most online shopping websites), this app would present consumers with phrases from dozens of assorted reviews, allow them to sort them based on personal importance, and then provide one or more recommendations.  My teammates and I created three interactive UI mock-ups for this  application:

We designed and performed “discount” usability testing to evaluate the three interfaces.  In addition to the think-aloud feedback we received from users, we collected qualitative and quantitative data including task time, mouse travel distance, and ease of use ratings.

The data we collected, along with a heuristic evaluation based on human factors principles, drove a redesign of the interface (see below).  You can see the full report of this project here: BuyingRight UsabilityTesting